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The possibility of consolidation of several lots of your goods in our warehouses


As a rule, the delivery on Europe includes cargo transportation not only of large-size goods but also small-size lots of cargoes which can become rather scaled after consolidation. We give you a great opportunity to consolidate several different lots of cargoes in Europe for further shipment to its destination – we have all the necessary conditions of consolidation of cargo in our warehouses.

Service of customes storage of cargo of not EEC origin


Rather often in business it is necessary to solve questions related to transit of goods through the countries of EEC. In this case the process of customs clearance takes rather long time during which the provision of safety of the goods is required. From our part we can offer you help not only in organization of storage of cargo for quite a long time but also the possibility of solution of many problems connected with customs clearance of the cargo.

Reduction of risks by means of simultaneous load of all the lots of goods


Thoughtful businessmen try to realize the delivery of different categories of goods simultaneously – it allows to save money signifficantly. With our help you can realize the load of all the lots from one place of storage. It's not only more convenient but also safe as it guarantees the safety of the goods from the actions of trepassers as well as it provides optimal and neat load.

Qualified personnel speaking foreign languages


Our company shipping consolidated cargoes (Europe) has a client base from different countries what involves establishing communicative relationships on the native language. That's why our staff includes specialists speaking foreign languages who can not only speak but also keep correspondence and execute documentation on necessary language. It allows to avoid ambiguous situations, simplifies the business process as well as significantly optimizes and accelerates the work.

Receipt of cargoes on safe custody storage


If during cargo transportation on Europe you have to take a decision about a safe custody storage of the cargo on the definite period, our company is ready to offer You our help and assist you in organization of storage of the cargo on the necessary period.



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